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Moving Syndicate Land

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Ive been a cop for a month now and at the end of this month I decided to take a cop holiday to see what the Syndicate is like, within about two days time ive been meeting new people and understanding the problems both factions were facing, which gave me a non biased view on the standing of the factions.

The Syndicate love their checkpoint and the land it separates. They enjoy the moments that come from the handful of people that come by, however when there was a multi drug processor the influx was too large and unbalanced leading to the removal of said processor, (Bare with me here), this in my opinion was the right decision but it has tilted the balance to the point where almost no-one is interested in visiting their land. I gave it a thought and came to the realization that this may be a location error, as before anyone decides to do a run they think about the effort; the time; the profit and the risk. Currently I think that the Syndicate "things" are based too far away for an average influx of interaction, so with that all said, I would like to suggest a move of the syndicate land towards the island to the south (see image).

The location of this new syndicate land would open up the land/stretch it more for civs, you could make Sofia a spawn point and plop some processors and other civ stuff around there, Heck maybe even a Truck shop.
I also think the location for this new syndicate land would be balanced and more easily accessible to players as the effort would have dropped slightly.


I hope you will consider my suggestion even if it is only for a trial run.

Much Love, kisses and hugs.
M. Badger Torie :x

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