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Armored Convoys


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I have a small suggestion to make, I was thinking maybe the administration could add mini missions. One I thought of could be an armored convoy consisting of police officers transporting gold or some other valuables from point A to point B. The convoy I think would be good fun for police and rebels. Before the convoy leaves a message could be sent to everyone who meets a certain criteria e.g. owns advanced rebel licence. This could be rped as an informant is informing the rebels of the details of the convoy. also sending the message only to specific people would mean that random people who are just looking for a thrill can't jump in, makes it more professional. Rebels could choose to rob the convoy and police have to protect it. Police could also get a bonus paycheque if the convoy makes it to its destination.

Conflict between gangs could be found e.g. if two gangs tried robbing the same convoy, initiation rules could be made specifically for such a situation. The frequency of the convoy could be during server peak times. e.g. between 4pm and 8pm and it could all depend whether the police administration have the man-power for the job and there are a reasonable number of people online.

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