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The End

Springs Eternal Report

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In-game name:

The End

Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

Springs Eternal

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:

Fail RP, Not caring about it's own life, making really bad noises through his mic to make me annoyed and let him go.

Any evidence available:

First video where he did Fail RP without taking care about his own life


The second video where i manage to lose the cops from the big chase and i go under the bridge, i was initiate with cops sure but not against this cheater and rule breaker


Third video where he did used hacks to locate me


Describe the incident:

Fail RP, not taking care about it's life, and using hacks to locate me back, teleporting on me and using 3rd party software to destroy the audio from his mic and trying to pollute the proof of it's rule break on no initiation, it wasn't literally impossible for him to find me because i had a long chase with cops all around the map, but he came towards me in that spot under the bridge shooting directly at me saying "my SPAR" ...... pls perma ban forever this cheater and rule breaker..... luckly most of the time use to record my actions so you can see his ID above his head in the first video where he got robbed by me and on in the second video where he did used HACKS to locate me....

I do understand that you can't see clearly through the video that he teleported, but that's why he have done it in the RIDS, and then think, about how many chances there was that in 200k km of map he was exactly undert that zaros bridge some minute before the restart, killing me without initiation and sayn "MY SPAR".... how did he even knew about who was the person that he killed if he just suicide rule breaking in the first action?! and also he used 3rd party software to do something to it's audio....

I just ask to erase this kind of wrong players from the server, they don't deserve even a second chance.....

even if you'll not be able to ban him for cheating you can clearly understand that he his actually a cheater...

PS. the car was mine, and he didn't had any access to the keys of my own car, so he wasn't able to find me thorugh that....

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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10 minutes ago, Charlie. said:

the evidence is not conclusing enough to prove that he is hacking however i'll show this to other staff for a second opinion on the matter 


its clear there is RDM and poor RP involved here of which i shall give him time to explain and defend himself here @SpringsEternal

yea i understand it and it's true, but keep an eye on this player, first cuze is breaking lots of rules, than, even if my video doesn't proove that he his cheating, think about arma 3 map, think about how really long time passed when he suicided even if i was roleplayin the tornaque, think that i was under a bridge in zaros.... how many are the chances that you go outside from a bush like that shooting straight in front of you saying "IT WAS MY SPAR" so ok, you might not be able to ban him for cheating cuze my video don't proove it enough, but if you guys think about all of this.... is completly not normal at all...... that's also why he decided to teleport in the rids.... cuze the teleport wasn't able to be recorded....  but it's completly obvious...

i would say  to @SpringsEternal to post a video on how did he manage to locate me.... cuze i'm really curious about it.....

BTW thx so much for the fast answer :)

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