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Gang Initiate

Ryan Bradford

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As a cop we get into many gun fights and civs do as well the problem with gun fights is that they are broken you will get into a gun fight with someone and then as soon as it happens random people will join in who do not have gang tags in their name their for making it not gang initiate just full on initiate on everyone in the area which is just fucked cause it means their is no way out and you will get out is death because they can just get some friends who have nothing to do with it and not even in the same gang to gun. I think the way to solve this would be to add a rule about initiate that rule being gang initiate is not if their in the ts which they could just join at anytime and have tag in their name to make initiate a lot more clear and that way it also doesn't look like third party's are joining

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If they're in the same TS channel no matter who they are or what gang they're in, they should be allowed to join in. If you randomly get shot by someone whom you think isn't part of the gunfight, check the TS channels. If that said person or gang isn't in it then you always have the forums and time to resolve with the main gang involved to ask them questions to who was part of it

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Just now, Theo Brooks said:

@Liam Joseph

Yes but when in game it is very annoying to identify people and having this rule would just help make life easier in gunfights when people are mad at the end etc

But when other gangs wants to merge with others for a situation, this is the way to do it. If you already know which was the main gang which the iniation started with, feel free to msg them on TS regarding who was involved.

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