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Dispute A Ban Procedure


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If you wish to Dispute A Ban, please fill in the relevant form located here

Ensure all information you post is truthful.

We as staff make mistakes as we are only human, if you believe the decision made was incorrect, please politely message a member of staff and the decision can be reviewed by a staff lead.

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Just a few things we wish to add

1. Justified bans for 24 and 48 hour are not appealable. If you were 24 hour or 48 hour banned it is a punishment period for you to review the rules. However if you feel that your ban is unjustified please contact a member of staff on teamspeak.

2. Please remember the forum rules, we do not want non involved people telling us to unban you because you are a good person

3. Please make sure to tell us if your dispute is for a teamspeak ban and not a server ban.

4. If your ban was issued for 7 days, 30 days, etc... it may be downgraded by the reviewing staff depending on various circumstances. Do not go around begging admins afterwards begging to be unbanned earlier, the decision is final. If you were banned for 7 days and it's downgraded to 3 days, you must serve your punishment, etc... etc...

5. If you were banned and post an unban appeal the same day your ban was issued, and you complete a successful appeal, your ban will be downgraded to a 24 hour. You will not be unbanned the same day you were issued a ban. If 24 hours has passed, then you will be unbanned as soon as your dispute is completed.

6. If you are currently serving a permanent ban, You will need to head over to here and post a permanent unban appeal - https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/161-permanent-ban-appeal/?do=add

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