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Beta and RR Altis Life

Hello, after speaking with several members about various issues and concerns, I just want to clear the air with the community. I would just like to remind everyone that RR's version of Atlis Life is a work in progress at this point. Most of us came from other communities (RPUK, GTA, Asylum, Olympus, etc...) where the infrastructure had already been in place. This is a brand new community and in the past few weeks, everyone has been working diligently to improve the Atlis Life gamemode. Unfortunately Atlis wasn't built in a day, and that is why were are in a evolving beta. Just please remember that features are being worked on. Fuel and Neo are listening to suggestions, and bug reports. It will be a work in progress, but the community is being built from scratch, so please be patient.


Many people have expressed some concerns with the current staff, and there has been some issues in the past few days that have to been addressed. Just a reminder that the staff chosen besides myself had no experience being a staff member at RPUK which is where most of us came from. We are trying to do things differently and everyone is still learning. We do not even have a user group with permissions set up on the forum, and are now getting our tools to assist players in game. If you do not agree with a staff decision, you can respectfully talk to the staff member one on one. If you do not like this, please do not go report them on the forums, but if you truly have an issue with how we operate, contact a staff lead. You can PM them on forums besides teamspeak


It happens in every community unfortunately, a server event planned was cancelled due to the TS DDOS. Just a reminder we have a discord server setup as a backup, and you can contact a staff lead for an invite. Next time if an issue comes up, we will attempt to make a post on the forums. We have now transitioned to a new TeamSpeak Server seamlessly, it all happened within a 5 second window a few days ago, we hope that this move will now cut the amounts of ddos that used to happen before

Different Philosophy

I always said it's a roleplaying server, not a report playing server. We play the game to have fun, not to get people banned. If people are truly ruining an experience for you or deliberately breaking rules, then please have a chat with them first before escalating to a player report. Even if reported, our goal is to help a player realize their mistakes if a rule violation is made, and not out right ban them.

Compensation Requests

At the moment there is no set guideline for compensation requests. It is being handled on a case by case basis. We understand this is a beta and bugs are going to occur, but at the moment if a staff member approves your compensation request you can find them in-game to have them give you the compensation, Otherwise a staff lead will need to manually enter the money into the database, which may take time. At the moment, I am currently asking the communities input for compensation requests, and would appreciate any feedback/suggestions


We now have forms setup for your needs, please use them here: http://www.rebornroleplay.com/index.php?/forms/

Other Issues

We try not to air our dirty laundry here for everyone to see, but if you have an issue that you don't wish to make public, you may PM me directly on the forums. Please remember once you post it on the forums, everyone can see it.

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