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1 hour ago, Neo said:

took him 3 months to get that many kills....


2 hours ago, MrMotty said:

Nice one


3 hours ago, JamesCatcher said:

good player tho a bit crazy that you can store clips from like 3 months, i defo cant with my fucking ssd


4 hours ago, —Alex— said:

Nice one Lyftman


10 hours ago, P4nDa said:

nice 1 still mad about that church clip on me


10 hours ago, Simmo said:



10 hours ago, AlistairNL said:

pretty good too be honest ;D


11 hours ago, notwill said:

Big fan! n1 


11 hours ago, .Matthew said:

man like yeezus nice 1


11 hours ago, Ryans said:



11 hours ago, AHMEDXZ said:



12 hours ago, Luke Wilson said:



12 hours ago, bigdevv said:



12 hours ago, Sir. said:

oscar do be fraggin tho, n1 x


12 hours ago, Snowb said:



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