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Luke Wilson

Vortex Dog (posted for)

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In-game name:

Vortex Dog (posted for)

Steam ID:


Date of ban:


Reason for ban:

(can't remember the exact ban date) Ip Grabbing

Staff member that banned you:


Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

It was outside of Reborn and Luke even said himself he did not think I would get permed and he is alright with me being unbanned for what I did as it was a joke that we were memeing each other about

Why should we unban you?

Well if its justified I only sent it to luke who is a Friend who I play reborn and other games everyday. We always meme about things and at the time thats what we were taking the piss out off. Also at the time i sent that ip grabber something had gone on with luke and the other gang members and he though I was in on it when i had no idea of what happened so he thought it would be funny to report me. And as I previously said he does not even want me to stay permed as we both see that the joking around did go out of hand and it resulted in me being banned.

To add for myself: Me and Ad have since spoken and we have made up about it. I just got mad because I thought he might do something bad with it if I had clicked it but it was just a joke.

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