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buy & sell/auction chat


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what my suggestion is to make a text chat on the discord for the purpose of people to request to buy and sell guns/vehicles/items.

an auctions section already exists on the fourms but what I believe this chat would be good for is for people requesting if anyone has a specific that thing they want to buy and then someone who does can message them on discord.

i feel a chat like this would make buying and selling of things more popular as it would be a faster and easier way to find things people want to buy and sell. as well as useful for a player who wants to buy something that is not currently listed for auction on the fourms

another useful use for this chat would be for the sale of virtual items. i have never seen anyone try to sell virtual items on the auctions before eg. Hemet full of gunpowder and if this chat was a thing people might sell virtual items like this to players who are looking to manufacture guns and such. all sorts of virtual items could be sold from materials for gun manufacturing as well as blueprints.

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On 4/26/2020 at 1:01 AM, Jed said:

the forums is more structured and easier to read, and I can imagine an auction in discord getting quite messy tbh.

you can get auction bots for discord, so could work out. 

auction bot would be good, discord chat could also just be used for buying and selling straight up too, instead of someone using sidechat or something asking if people wanna buy guns/mraps/ect

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