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Mr T


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In-game Name:

Mr T

Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


Link to player report:


Lost Items and Estimated Value:

Mxm 260k:
20mags: 30k
mxm Supressor: 150k
100k loadout clothing vests etc.
Total: 540k

Please provide as much detail as possible:

Was running to a red zone to capture a zone and got shot through the map. shot outside the redzone near neochuri.

Any Evidence Available:




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Sorted out pricing
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As you can see in the recording there are no medics Online. Moreover we went on teamspeak straight away to ask an admin for admin revive ( I will try get his name when my friend comes online, Mr T) however he let us know that there are no admins in game (2:30AM) and therefore we would have to lose our gearset, hence why he told us to make the comp request . 

The admins name is Hartleo

i do have  teamspeak messages with them however need him online to check them to send you as evidence if need be. 

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