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so quick introduction hi my names tonky and this is my suggestion


i suggest that the jail you can be flown out of it and shit but the police actively patrol it and have watch towers and aa guns and stuff to protect it from jailbreaks thatd be cool and better

because imagine one time i was jailed for 15 mins then halfway through my wifi was unplugged because my marJ was so angry at me for shouting at the fella who put me in jail so it reset the darn tooten timer my g 


so yeah basically jail as it is now but you can be actively broken out rather than wait 10 odd mins bun that and police actively protect it, this wil make it less boring and stuff and i think its really good idea so great it should be made a priority and worked on asap as itll be so cool

so yh comment

"+1" for my eternal love ❤️

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