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In-game name:


Steam ID:


Date of ban:


Reason for ban:

I was joking to my friends while in a car for a funny name to change his account to, so i wrote in group chat Vinny Ni**** for only him to see. This caused me to get a perma ban from the system without me realising the mistake ive done.

Staff member that banned you:

The system auto banned me

Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

Yes, this is because throught my whole time ive played this game I have not been a toxic player. the whole reason for my ban was that I didnt realise that there was a system in place that detected chat.

Why should we unban you?

I am not a player who is toxic and I am not a person who would offend another to the point of being actually racist. I never meant to offend anyone as the only people who could see the racist message were my two friends who were in on the joke as it was typed into group chat. I would like to emphisise that during my whole time playing I have not been toxic to any other player and did not intend to offend or harm anyone. I promise that upon my unban that I wont even consider typing it into a closed medium such as group chat.

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