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Spacearmy73 (Posted for him)


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In-game name:

Spacearmy73 (Posted for him)

Steam ID:

76561198158759604 , https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/10613-spacearmy73/, ✪ Spacearmy73™️#4760

Date of ban:


Reason for ban:

Mass RDM

Staff member that banned you:


Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:


Why should we unban you?

Ok so, it was certainly a bit stupid of me to Mass RDM at an event with a minigun qilin. My motivation to do what I did was sparked by the fact my gang had quit the server and I had lost my livelihood in the reborn casino, I know that it is not an excuse to my terrible actions yet please take it upon account. Immediately after the deed was done I bragged about it on the forums and poked fun out of the whole thing, not a very good move on my part. I understand that you don't want me back obviously because I've been a bit of a knob, but importantly, I'm sorry, I won't do anything like this nor break any server rule again. I will not act so immature ever again, it was just stupid as a whole and looking back I've learned my lesson. I hope you can accept my apology, I promise you I am sincerely sorry for my actions.

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