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what i am suggesting is a new mid tier crime, a impound lot where the seized vehicles by cops with all they re contents go to and can be robbed. it would save the vehicles from every restart( adding all the vehicles seized on that day maybe reset the lot at 00:00) you would break in and acess a sign like a garage where u can see the trucks/choppers and they re contents, and you could rob them at take them. not sure if they were vehicles able to get cut/chop or not...

give me feedback


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I don't know how exactly this would be implemented but it would be fun for rebels to be given a chance to try battle to get back an vehicles they lost. for example if a gang had two ifrits taken by police they could have a chance to take them back if they deem it worth while

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7 minutes ago, Knasen said:

Yesss lets just make us always lose <333

i mean it's not like i think it should be easy to do. rebels would have to weigh in if they believe its worthwhile to battle for it back. like if someone loses a huron, the event would have to take a while to break in so they cant just get it back ez. at the moment all i can think rebels can do is start a pd raid to stop cops from crushing but most of the time the cops will have already crushed the vehicle before they can raid so it makes pd r<inappropriate3> kind of pointless at the moment

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