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Fix The System For Doing Runs


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So as a lot of the community know currently runs are to easy for rebels to carry out. Police dont ever get the chance to interact with big gangs doing runs as they always go into the Syndicate land the process their drugs. So below i am gong to show some areas on the map that i think would make runs a bit better and more of a challenge for rebels and a couple more suggestions and how the overall system could be improved. One of the main aims of this is to get all of the map busy as currently Pyrgos area is a ghost town and no reason to go there at all.

1) Syndicate Land - Take out the multi drug processor and drug dealer at the border.

This processor is the only one that rebels are always going to now and is why it is to easy for runs to be completed. So what? Syndicate land will become useless? What i think would be good for the syndicate is The Drug Dealer that is already there currently to be moved to this location.


So at this drug dealer you would receive the exact amount that is shown on the market price so x1.0 of market price. To attract people to come to the syndicate land i would make the Drug Purifier worth a little bit more so that people will put the effort in to travel the distance to get there extra money.

2) Move the other two drug dealers to different locations.

Drug Dealer One which would be x1.25 the market price

Having it in the church along side the coast would make it quite risky to go to but of course there is a good bonus of a good payout when completing runs.


Drug Dealer Two which would be x1.00 the market price

Having it in Pyrgos along with the other runs shown below may make it used a little bit more and not make pyrgos such a ghost town.


3) New locations for runs - Making runs a little bit longer and depending on the amount of money you get for it the more risky it would be.

So below is the drug runs i think were the fields and the processors should be.

Weed Field


(The Green Piece of Land)


Weed Processor



Heroin Field



Heroin Pro



Thorium Mine



Everything else i think should just be kept where it already is. Let me know in the comments what you think of this idea. It would defo bring Pyrgos into the server and make runs longer and a bit more challenging,

Here is a screenshot with everything after it is done.


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