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Add pawnee's

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16 hours ago, Lynxx said:

+1 but should be expensive 

40 mill for a Pawnee? 

could be

13 hours ago, Scott McTavish said:

We already have Kajmans and Blackfoots that can shoot inside the air combat zone

So if they are armed ONLY inside the air combat zone I don't see why not

yes but when it comes to outside the air combat zone we only have 1armed heli with ammo

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Just now, SiloEMP said:

They are literally a heavy humming bird then, I think you could enable the gattling rounds but not the rockets so we have some competition for the armed hellcat, that is the only Heli that can shoot other air targets that civs have access to

Pawnees are vastly superior to armed hellcats

They aren't getting added for combat outside the ACZ, simple as that.

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