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In-game Name:


Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

4:17 GMT

Link to player report:

Lost Items and Estimated Value:

£70k worth of gear, including -Spar with 3 mags, rebel uniform carryall backpack and vest.

Please provide as much detail as possible:

When me and a group of friends were capturing a zone towards the south of the map. i proceeded to run towards a deer-stand where my friend had just killed someone. upon climbing the stairs i randomly died. This left a chat message in the chat saying "BenF killed". I was not killed by a player as it would have said. God bless

Any Evidence Available:

this is the only footage available, as my recording corrupted. This is from my friends POV and you can see me just disappear and the kill log in the chat say i was killed. Also by mine and my friends reactions this was clearly caused by a glitch. in the video i do say "i have all my stuff" this was in the spawning menu it said i still had my gear but in spawning in it was gone. god bless.

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