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Warzone expansion


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Warzone a new game mode which has gifted Reborn the numbers again including the joy and passion for the server once again.

I firstly want to thank the staff and dev team for releasing this update, although its taken a while actually be implemented it was worth the wait.

However, Warzone can be more than on Altis I'm 100% sure you yes you have been thinking of if Warzone was held on a separate server. A couple or 3 times a week... We all know GTA I myself was a small rebel on GTA for a while till I ended up here. Why not for a expansion of Warzone why shouldn't we take this to other maps on Arma 3? This will take a lot of work from the dev team but I personally know that many players from other servers have moved over here due to this update.

Currently there are rules in Warzone for the factions however, my personal suggestion for if @Fueldoes like think suggestion would be for the factions to take place in Warzone however only TFU and SRT can take place within the Warzones held on the other server.

Furthermore, if another server was to be made for Warzone we wouldnt want zergs coming onto the server therefore there would have to be a cap on the amount of players that can take place in a gang or faction during the Warzone. Ill leave that part up to the staff and dev team to decide. But honestly a lot of us would LOVE to see a expansion of this update. You have done so well Reborn why not aim for better. Last night it took me 30 minutes to join the server when spamming the join that's how full its getting. Your server is at a record high right now I couldn't be happier with the community.

Also the Warzone server (held twice or 3 times a week) should be rather than 200 warzone points to win it should be 300 this allows players to have more fun on the server since it isn't up as much as the normal warzone held on Atlis. Cant really think of any better reward than money possibly xp but if you have any suggestion link them please. Also a "Warzone last life" rule (NLR but with a cooler name). After dying at a location you have to wait X minutes 8-12 minutes before you can return or go back into the Warzone area that being the whole red zone. There are safe zones out side of the red zone area where rebels can gear up at without being robbed or killed could be multiple rebels to spawn at since the maps are huge. Groups and factions can slam together with no limit of how many but remember the limit of gang members and faction members that can take place on the Warzone server is limited.

We are not copying GTA but reborn currently is getting far more players than GTA as of right now during peak times. The server donations for Reborn have been boosted and are looking much better than they were 1-3 months ago where the server wasn't reaching the donation cap. I myself don't know how much another server costs but Reborn will see a massive increase in donations when the new donor system comes out.

Thank you guys for reading please give me feedback on the suggestion, and @Scott McTavishyou and the dev team keep up the amazing work and please watch this suggestion!


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32 minutes ago, Abdullah Harees said:

i agree that it should be on a seperate server but it should stay at 200 points, its more fun as fast paced pvp than doing it for 2 or 3 hours, and please no nlr, that would ruin it.

No warzone stays on Altis but during a Tuesday night or something after the server restart Altis remains open but Reborn Roleplay server 2 is open. The server 2 last as long as it takes to get to 300 points there is NO warzone on Altis during this time.

4pm restart happens Altis Warzone starts

8pm restart happens Server 2 map warzone starts lasts as long as it takes for groups to get to 300 war points. No warzone on Altis during this time! Server 2 closes when the first faction or group reach 300 points

12pm restart happens Altis warzone starts and goes back to normal till maybe 2 days or something till the next Server 2 opens up again


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1 hour ago, DylNN said:

then dont do it every restart?


1 hour ago, Scott McTavish said:

Smells like GTA's conflict

99.9% Chance having this on another server aint gonna happen

Changes can be made to modify the similarity.

1 hour ago, Paul D said:

taking a large chunk of players off the server for an hour every restart, no thanks

The way I see it is that only the rebel rebel gangs and the elite units within the factions will head over there. It will only be 2 hours. The role plays have no reason to be there and why would they anyway? Cops will stay that aren’t in TFU and so will Blackwater if their not in SRT

2 hours ago, Boris Popov said:

Sorry lad it's because people are all locked inside not because of Warzone.

that’s one of the facts but people log on for Warzone don’t they? 

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