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In-game name:

On behalf of Rapid | Game & Forums |

Steam ID:


Date of ban:


Reason for ban:

calling fuel a simpleton on the forums

Staff member that banned you:


Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

Completely justified, I should not have been speaking to anyone like that.

Why should we unban you?

You should unban me because I've had lots of time to reflect on my actions, and I'm deeply sorry for the things I said towards fuel and I'm prepared to personally apologize if he wants me to, and to any other things I may have said to upset any other members of the community.

I would really love to return to the community because some of my friends was thinking about playing here again, and I would love to play with them again on reborn, I promise to keep my comments to myself and be on my best behavior from now on.

Thanks for reading, I would greatly appreciate a second chance to be apart of the community again.

(Wasn't sure on the ban date so I just put the rough date)

Forum Account - https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/13337-irapidi/

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