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In-game name:


Steam ID:


Date of ban:


Reason for ban:

Racism. Toxic behaviour.

Staff member that banned you:


Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why:

I believe i was wrongly accused for the 'Racism' as i am not one for racism however, i can confirm i was toxic because, the police officers at the scene were VDMing and RDMing the player 'James' and they also shot me for threatening to report them for VDMing and then they tourniquet me so they could have a laugh. Furthermore, they made medics leave by shooting the floor when there was no situation and when me and the player 'James' got out of prison (10 minutes) they waited to VDM at least 3 or 4 times. So as you can see i had a reason to be toxic as the police officers were breaking island rules and this is also annoying because, i had read all the rules to not get banned then some polices officers break the rules and get me banned. Finally, i dont see how i was racist and if i was i would like to see proof.

Why should we unban you?

I believe you should unban me because, i did nothing wrong and i was never racist. I know the rules on the game as i promised i would read them and i did. So i would never be racist as i know it will get me banned and the toxic came from the police officers that were breaking all islands rules and they weren't going to get into trouble for it. Even then i didn't say anything racist.

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