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major crime vehicles


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1 minute ago, hazza said:

ideas for what? there are already restrictions in place for police in major crimes eg one hunter maximum if theres no mraps if there is pull however many they have to match them. And for people logging on then off after a major report it theres already a rule in place

theres cops pulling armed quilins 25minutes after a51 has started thats what needs changing

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3 minutes ago, SiloEMP said:

Big Dev does have a point, playing an Area 51 you have to have atleast 1 in the building to stop the cops from closing it and stopping it in all and to have an armed quilin spray the building gives people no chance, you literally sit in the forest out of the way so no one can see you and you rail  the buliding allowing the cops to lock up before we can even blow up the vault

then stop stacking 8+ people in the dmt and cry when you dont get pushed lmao?

dont know if you didn't realised but ur not defending the dmts matey

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15 minutes ago, SiloEMP said:

we have max 4 in dmts, 3 roaching 1 holding stairs, 3 in barracks and 2 roaming, the armed quilin rails the building before we know its there

Thanks for the information, I will note it down on my notebook and wait eagerly for you guys to do a Area 51.


Tbh this whole complaint thread makes no sense, this is clearly for suggestions. It should not be easy to win a major crime and Police are not doing anything against the Police rules, if you see officers log on for major and then log off feel free to report them.

Have a nice day!

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