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North Airfield Spawn


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1 hour ago, Scott McTavish said:

If you can't deal with hobos with rooks then maybe don't go to Warzones

It’s not that the people can’t handle them it’s just an annoyance. Same reason why the rebel airfield spawn was removed because people would spawn their with rooks and run into the barracks trying to kill someone. It’s just not a fun experience.

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Just now, Ben. said:

honestly to add on to this make it flags rather than a zone as it so annoying when there are people hiding in bushes and houses when there are loads all through the towns that have the caps and if they own them they can lock them and sit inside and noone can cap

This is about north airfield spawn dont suggest other things

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On 4/12/2020 at 4:48 PM, Albiston said:

If you could make it that whilst the warzone is active the airfield spawn for the relative zone is disabled that would be very nice.


I also wouldn't mind this. I haven't participated in a warzone yet, but I can imagine how annoying this could be. Maybe make it like NLR, if you died in the town, you then can't spawn there (The spawn button is graded out in the menu).

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