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Fire Service


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There should be a fire service in reborn. I know there would be no usage in having one, but it would be a good rp to have. Even having some scenarios  they can respond to as well or if a car is on fire, have the fire fighters respond to it. You could all so have a search and rescue or marine rescue within the fire service. It could be called "Reborn Fire and Rescue Service" and even "RFRS" for short.

I have a better idea on it, just too tired to type everything. 

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I mean while in theory it sounds good, realistically I dont see how it would work. If the whole purpose is to respond to vehicles on fire then youd have about 30 seconds to get to each one as they despawn, or if they are in kav they typically get deleted instantly by an admin.

You would probably be better off just make a legal gang and doing what you want within RP that way as it's not very realistic to be an actual branch of the server

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