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Changing Warzone Event


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out of all honesty I had fun on this warzone sort of yes we get points for fraggi9ng anyone inside the individual red zones however its not fun as its really quite biased to cops and BW. BW get cheaper gear which to be honest I don't mind soo much and they have to pay for vehicles, however police don't they get there gear completely for free and can constantly pull Ifrits and Quilins and even armed vehicles its a bit annoying as there isn't really any gang only events there's always BW and police included. the experience of this current warzone showed that cops were constantly zombie waving the zones with Ifrits and Quilins. you would kill a cops and then in the next 3 minutes you'd kill them again on cap or they'd kill you, its a bit annoying as us rebels have to buy gear and we have limited vehicles to pull we don't get them for free. I personally think cops and BW should be excluded from this warzone event as it destroys the fights between gangs as gangs get bored and will stop coming back then you just have cops constantly slamming and its literally a fight between BW and Cops. tbh cops don't really need gang funds as they only use them for comp situations which they get from caps anyway. I feel this should be a gang only event with possible BW included, as it will allow more gangs to participate without being constantly slammed by Ifrits and armed vehicles. If this suggestion was accepted then you may have to decrease the reward as 50mil to a top gang may be a bit much but that's up to owners and that. 

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+1 , cap zones are supposed to be fought between gangs but instead APD and BW are able to slam an infinite amount of times with either free/EXTREMELY cheap gear,  it is unfair to the gangs that have to earn money to spend on gear. A solution is to remove them completely or make a rule where they are only allowed to come ONE time.

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