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Speed Trapping Truck boxer


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Hi Devs ,

I have been successfully speed trapping some Altis civilians for speeding, the truck boxer is amazing but  not that undercover.  maybe the offroad comms that is a bit smaller can have the option to speedtrap too its way smaller and with the antennas on top should look legit as well. The reason why i am currently busy with doing this the civies reach speeds up to 180 kmph on that small road that is endangering them and others i want to maintain the safety on the road and give other cops another form of RolePlay and cives to explain why they are speeding.



- Truck boxer unmarked or
- Offroad comms added feature to speed trap or
- Laser gun 


Broken things of speed trap

- Doesn't add 20K bounty to the vehicle owner ( only 500 dollars)
- Doesn't show the vehicle owner in notification when caught 
- Can we have a delay in showing the person speeding  that he got caught because most of the civies just turn around and they know how to find me


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