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Winner Takes All


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@HarryGot accepted but after swiped to denied. Could still be oke to do. 

If possible, make it on the long island thingie in the middle of the water. Idk where exactly think there is some gunparts now wich is not being used. 

Both sides of the island have a sign where a gang can click on idk something like fight. When you click it everyone thats joining of your gang needs to be withing a 10m radius. Same counts for the other side of the island. When both teams press fight and they are close to the sign, money will be taken out of gangfunds and a timer of 20/30 secs will start. People can get in position and get ready for the gunfight. Goal is to kill the other team once that is done money from the prize pool will go in the gang funds of the gang that won. 


When you press fight it will pop up a menu wich will show you how many gang members are in the zone that can join in and how many are at the other side in the zone.

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