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This is my idea for a impound Lot th e images i made are just a example of what i mean, A new Operation where civs get there chances of getting the impounded vehicle back from the lot.

All they will need is bolt cutters to get in and get there vehicle back.    







Criminals Using Bolt Cutters To Break In!







Just a nice idea what you people think??



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I actually like this idea not going to lie however lets take some things into consideration;

In general;

- Where will the cars which get impounded go to then?

       -> Their own garage or the impound lot?

                 -> Would it not be hard / lag the server to script it in?

                         -> How big can the impound lot be? There are almost hundreds of vehicles being impounded each restart


- What type of cars/trucks will there be?

        -> Only hatchbacks and SUVs?        <- Can be found very easily by simply driving on the road anyway

                    -> Trucks? (HEMMTs and Tempest?)    <-  Stolen Trucks = Untraceable OP vehicles for rebels to abuse for drug runs not risking their vehicles


- How close/far from civilization/cities?


- Would it trigger an alarm for the police to respond / Would it mark on the map being robbed ? 

             -> If so, is it worth the firefight? 

                    -> If so, what crime level would it be? ( For example: Would it be considered as like a gas station, Drug trader or Area 51)

                           ->  If not, would the reward satisfy for no effort? (AND would be fair? as no effort yet good win)

For Rebels:

                              Pros:                                                                                                                                               Cons:

                                        - Free cars once broken into which can be used wherever                                                   - Worth risking gear and life for some cars/trucks?    

                                        - MIGHT Be a fun quick action to get into with police                                                           - 



For Cops:

                               Pros:                                                                                                                                               Cons:

                                           - Can add more experience to the police RP wise                                                                   - (IMO) Occupied a ton with this thing and might decrease activity on other illegal areas

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ((A cool down of 20-25 mins between break-ins can be adjusted tho))


That's all I can think of for now but I really like the idea as it adds something new to interact with



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i like the idea, im just not sure it’s needed that much. Maybe if they made it so, the APD LOCKUP, was expanded, and whenever a vehicle is crushed it will go there. And Then you would be able to go there and try to reclaim it. But that would ruin the need for PD r<inappropriate3>, Since the 2 mins wait would also be removed.


dont know why it wont let me say R A I D. Lol

Edited by Kaspe

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There is just too many negatives with this idea

Server performance, you could have a lot of vehicles at any one time which will cause problems

If there is a limit on vehicles say 10 for example then the owners of vehicle 11,12 etc can complain why is my vehicle not at the impound lot?

More gunfights for a vehicle?

More unneeded map objects


Edited by Scott McTavish

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