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mell0 has never lost gulag Report


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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:

mell0 has never lost gulag

Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:


What rule do you believe was broken:

toxic on ts and fail initaition or RDM not sure

Any evidence available:



Describe the incident:

I was waiting for my friend to get up ,rebel aproach us...I start to foolow that rebel and speak to him. At around 20-25 sec you can hear me saying to him "who are you to say me to put my gun away" guy say - hands up or getting shot shot - and he shot me straight away. You can hear how he is shooting me straight after he say shot you (at 26 sec . sth like that) so i do not have my POV but this is POV of my friend and you can clearly hear his fail initaiton,and I have to mention they RDM jack 5 min before this but did not catch that on cam.

also about ts mentioning my mom,I never speaking about anyone mom beacouse its disrespectful speacialy saying i will comp ur mother ( in support rom - solving room aka helping room) also saying me he cant undarstand me due language barier between us

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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@mell0 :)Is banned from forums.

Please see his reply below from TS:  So basically, I initiated clearly, I said numerous times for the victim to put his gun away which he didn't do, he then proceeds to tell me I am a no namer and shouldn't be saying this, so I said sir you are surrounded by multiple rebels in the area please place your hands up or you will be terminated. He then tries to run behind his vehicle and I also notice his mate approaching the vehicle so I shot him and his friend who clearly had a weapon out and was approaching me in a combat stance. There was a sonic boom at the time of the initiation I'm not sure if this is why he has had trouble hearing my voice however, it was very clear to me. And with regards to the team speak message, I thought it was funny, however clearly he did not so i apologise. You can also hear the police officer ask where the shots were coming from because it was an active fight.

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 Can you prove any of ur words? You need evidence otherwise its only a talk and we cant tell if you speak true. ANY EVIDENCE AVALABLE? You are LYING BIG TIME  for this part  "I am a no namer and shouldn't be saying this, so I said sir you are surrounded by multiple rebels in the area please place your hands up or you will be terminated."


I say "WHO ARE YOU TO SAY ME TO PUT MY GUN DOWN" what you can clear hear on video,also after that u can  hear him saying hands up or shot and killing me after 0.0.1 sec without giving any chance to even holister my gun.


if you hear clearly u can still his initation no matter of airplane

A valid initiation needs to contain the following things:

Clear instructions. DID NOT HAVE 
A visible or audible threat.  failed at that 
Time to respond. - DID NOT HAVE 



  On top of all that he was more then disrespectful towards me and mentioning my mom in support room. I belive its more then rude to mention some1 mom in any way. There has to be respect and some culture. 

I can say  with proud Im here for 3 yars with clean ban history (only  accident vdm on cops they havent even die) it was 1 day ban ,and then I got treated like this by some1 who is allready banned from forums. Its a big joke and I find it really offending.


Again mello,RDM . Watch video and then watch kill feed,you will see that his gang never fight cops. Mello was hiding and just killed without beeing involved in any kind of situaion.


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clear case of RDM ive talked to reece to communicate with mello as he will need to compensate you here 

also @paradoxthere is no need to add a separate video of a different innocent with the same person, it very much looks like you are out to get him banned as this defies what the point of making a report as we here to resolve and not to get people banned, if you have a separate issues then you need to make a sperate report so this video will be dismissed 

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What will he comp me? MX? I have 40+ millions  i dont care fotr MX,i care for this guy who did this 3+ times in one day and  he clearly do not care about rules. He did RDM 3 times in rowI  did not catch  him  1st time and 2nd but I did this time. I DO NOT need comp i need his POV  so he need evidence TO SHOW. 

 Otherwise its jut talk from his side  and there would be no point of this section.

While I was trying to resolve  he was making laught of my english that there is too big barrier between so he cnat undarstand me and also saying he will comp to my mother so yeah Im done "solving" with him,Im here to see his evidence and to him to learn a lession. If I can RESPECT other PEOPLE and FOLLOW rules then I belive other can also if cant why to be here?

He lied in ts that we fired at him multiple  times while we did not ALSO WOULD LIKE THAT VIDEO, So he is obv  lying here and cant trust  him , I HAVE CLEAR EVIDENCE of RDM.  I do not need comp i need HIS POV   just like every other report he  need to show his POV just in every other report on forum @Charlie. 

Also i was told by admin to post in commend this video Charlie so its not my decistion its other ADMINS suggestion. 

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afer further talks with a staff lead , it been brought to my attention that it was not RDM, because of the active firefight rule   in the first video we don't have a POV from you so we have not not much to go off, also in the second video you was in active firefight with a gun out so you posed a threat to him and he is allowed to shoot you as he wouldn't know if you was a apart of the fight or not 

3.7 Active Firefight
If you are driving around during an active firefight and you get killed it is not RDM, this does not mean you can just shoot anyone driving past, it needs to be an "Active" fight, see rules below, if a gunfight is ongoing ie there is actual shooting you need to make an attempt to leave, if you do not leave you can be shot (value your life).

  • It is only an "Active" firefight if there is actual shooting going on or you are waiting for someone to peak.
  • If the person you shoot is not involved in the situation and can prove they did not know it was an Active fight ie no shots were fired, you need to comp them or it will be treated as RDM.
  • Driving around in a fight just to be shot at so you can join in will be classed a


so therefore based on this, the ban has been revoked and you are NOT entitled to compensation @paradox


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