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Medical Assistance at rebel outpost


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Medical Assistance at rebel outposts


I think this should be added as often when driving to rebel outposts I tend to lose hp very easily and end up in a fight where I'm swaying more than my nan because I'm on 75hp, the hospitals are a little out of the way in terms of practicality so giving players an extra phew places to get medical assistance to heal to 100hp would be nice, even if it is for a higher price compared to the hospital I think this addition would benefit everyone as a whole and gives no real advantage over the Police and Syndicate as they can already heal to 100hp...

Thoughts and and any possible suggestions are welcome

- AdaM -

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No hospitals remotely close to any rebel outpost ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rebels aren't able to heal to 100 HP until the talent system is released, this would be a good compromise until then, all other factions can already heal to 100, rebels however have to go to a hospital for the 3hp they lost on the way to an outpost ┬»\_(Òâä)_/┬»

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