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|-V-| RomaN


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In-game Name:

|-V-| RomaN

Steam ID:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

22:30 - 00:30

Link to player report:


Lost Items and Estimated Value:


Please provide as much detail as possible:

We was robbing the bank and the first half of the robbery before the server crashed we was roleplaying whilst 26 cops moved inside of the bank and setup only wanting combat as Freddie admitted to us. He even said he told them that it was a shitty RP thing to do and after it comes back up he doesn't want everyone to rush the bank, but Maiko and his TFU friends did so anyway. We came to an agreement with Daniel that we would drop 3 of our weapons for 4.5million worth of gold and safe passage. Whilst we was filling up the heli, we chose 1 person (Kirky) to fill the heli and Punji didn't realise and took 3 gold out of the vault, he then realised and told Daniel we had a miscommunication and was going to give him the gold so we keep our trust and he knows we are not going to try and sneak anymore. Freddie said they called off negotiations because of that specific incident even though punji gave the gold back and announced why. I feel that Maiko didn't value his life, literally at all lol. And they didn't have a good enough reason to call of negotiations after 2 hours of hard thought roleplay for 4.5million split between 9 people so we clearly didn't go there for just the combat like the cops admitted they did. I don't feel like the cops really did their job and acted professional in this operation, acting for the government, instead they acted like a whitelisted gang. The reason Maiko didn't value his life is because they don't have to pay for anything, at least that's what I think. So as I said they thought we was stealing more gold than we did but we clearly wasnt as punji told them: http://plays.tv/video/58c33f699c2be77f0d/see

Any Evidence Available:

http://plays.tv/video/58c33f699c2be77f0d/see http://plays.tv/video/58c342e14b6c9b6470/gear

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