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The Trials


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"A test it was, my mind frantic, as if two consciousness' were trying to fight over the same mind, mine and hers. At the start, my thoughts; confused at what was happening, began to become hers, the more she tried, the more confused the situation became, two consciousness' as one, an idea I could not fathom."

"There were times she was calm, resolved at an end, an end she was adamant to reach; two consciousness' as one. But my thoughts were never pure, my thoughts were human, vulnerable to temptation. I wondered why she did it, it felt as though my mind was fighting itself, within itself. Could I handle it? Her sister asked, and I pondered on that which has past, the situations, the ideas I had been through, maybe my mistake was to think I could survive it, that I could endure it."

"Their teachings; in-depth, one is required to work for it, to ponder the situation and find the answer, one can come to it in a day or in two weeks, that is their way, for what good is a lesson, a teaching if it is so freely given, will it really touch the student? Will it really be driven into their mind? Will it really pierce their heart? I understand the idea, it shows who they are, for who can offer a teaching through such confusion, and make one understand......"

Always and Forever

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