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Ladders and vaulting.


Should vaulting over vehicles be considered exploiting?  

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  1. 1. Should vaulting over vehicles be considered exploiting?

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Currently vaulting through the cars on entrances is considered exploiting when there is absolutely no need at all.

In real life, you wouldn't be completely unable to pass the cars, you'd just jump over the car. If anything, it's more so exploiting to place it there in the first place considering you are putting it there, knowing that there is no script in arma that allows us to literally jump over the car. Considering the bank is near impossible to push if you have the right people holding it without the ladders, so what's the point in having them if there's no way we can reach them? It's frankly quite ridiculous that a feature added to make the HM harder for the rebels is just completely blocked out by the placement of a car or two.

It's not like it's that overpowered either, if you make an attempt to vault over, or more so through in the eyes of an admin, it's the opposite of instant, there is a perfectly reasonable amount of time for you to be shot. If you want to make the complaint that our legs are inside the car, I'll make the point that it's ridiculously easy to shoot through. Not to mention the fact that you could simply place a vehicle there that you can't vault over, it's really not that hard.

The HM Treasury is meant to be hard and to be honest, it's unrealistic that our main way to push is being restricted by the ludicrous idea that we are completely unable to get past these cars that are up to our waist. We're not fucking quadriplegics for Christ's sake.

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