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Harry (BLACKWATER) Report

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In-game name:


Name of the player(s) you are reporting:


Date of the incident:


Time of the incident:

i dont remember exacly

What rule do you believe was broken:

Not value life .

Any evidence available:


Describe the incident:

There was 2 BLACK WATER MEMEBERSon BW Checkpoint we was just initating at them and they didnt value their lifes , i have talked with AHMED also with Harry , ahmed said sorry and apologiez to me and harry was like okay so what ?, there was nothing to solve bcs i didnt die and i dont lost anyting but ahmed said sorry and his atitude was nice but harry's atitude wasan't , ahmed payed me 300k for incovinience.

Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned.


Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue.


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1 hour ago, Harryy said:

I think its funny how you're reporting me even though you have broken more rules than I have in the video provided.

You metagamed Ahmed and targeted him as an individual after obtaining his name via money management which is against the rules. (Metagaming)

You show your friend mumbleing "hands up" and then you shooting in less than 2 seconds which is nowhere near enough time to comply. (Poor RP)

You was removed from blackwater and you seem so angry that you're going around revenge reporting anyone and everyone just because you didn't get your own way.

I didnt realise what you said at the time which is why I was running around like an idiot, had you given a little more time to realise what you was saying then I would have stopped and put my hands up sooner which sadly isn't the case since you're way to quick on the trigger and have no care for anyone elses gameplay experiance.

The whole idea of you going around revenge reporting is disgusting so why are you even playing here if you dislike everyone so much? The fact there is also a Community support doing this with you is more than disgusting especially when he is meant to be representing the community.

I also offered you comp when you called me to liason but you refused it and told me you just wanted to let me know that I was getting reported so I left the channel, I think this is a bit unfair as you accepted money from Ahmed to resolve the situation but not from me, it just seems weird that you're chasing a ban here.

If the admin wants to punish me for not putting my hands up instantly after given nowhere near than enough time to comply is up to him but I wont agree with it. but regardless on the outcome on the report on myself I would like to see the reporter punished with a sufficient ban for the multiple rule breaks on his own video (Metagaming + Poor Rp(x2)) Cheers.


Only just seen this so I'm editing it in but at 3:54 he messaged Fierce who is another blackwater member to push CP which is another instance of metagaming.

This was obv you was trolling and you didn't put your hands up.
also i can go to money management to look who is that guy , only for me and also i didnt target anyone with that thing because volk and dk just initated on you guys before i arrieved on the sit.
 if i dont give that information to anyone , allright second of all you broke not value life
also this is not metagaming i just wanted to see who they are allright ? 
not your problem , i didn't give that information to any gang members or metagame on his name, or target someone.
also when we told you to put your hand up you just circling around.
Also i could kill you anyway because we have initated on BW
 also if you tell to someone put your hands up and he is pointing a gun at your head or at you is this is not poor rp mate it was a valid initaton , anyway . Cheers :)
also why should i target ahmed he is a nice guy and we are friends ,,if you can see my friends initated before i arrieved there so i dont think so this was a target , also mate i didnt said anything i just shoot , the second guy it was you Harry wich i just initated at you and i didnt do the thing with money management and tbh didnt know is metagame if you do the thing with metagame.

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