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Police Patrols

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Police shouldnt be able to know where the illegal fields are and processor are this migth be anoying because i often see the cops camping drugs with a heli and calling for backup

Why not set a roadblock and a checkpoint for the police at the mainroad

Its like the weed field is a cops beartrap to catch the rebel and the things is the rebel can go somewhere else because almost all the illegal jobs are next to eachother except the redzone but still cops should not be able to know where fields are also by the map or maybe a 15min rule patroll flyby or driveby


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2 hours ago, Mir said:

maybe a 15min rule patroll flyby or driveby

We have a 10 minute rule already in place 😂😂😂

It’s an illegal run... ILLEGAL

thats the risk you take when you do an illegal run. You either get robbed or caught by the police

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1 hour ago, Mir said:

I did not know there was a 10 min rule but i saw a police chopper camping for 15 mins i could record next time i spot this

Clearly you were in the area so he had a reason to stay😂

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