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Water-Based Activities for Civs


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Water Based Activities for Civs

Description of Idea:

Basically some kind of new water based activities for civilians to complete, I was thinking along the lines of an animal poaching area in an area of ocean.


- Adds the possibility of more diverse roleplay for all factions at RebornRoleplay, I will briefly list the different factions and the ways I believe this could improve their quality of role-play.

Police - I believe adding a new water based activity such as animal poaching would give the APD more of a reason to build upon and use their Marine Policing unit, making the unit more useful and increasing interest in joining the MPU Having this kind of activity added could also mean new training would need to be given resulting in more RP opportunities for Academy personnel.

AMS - I believe adding this feature would bring a new king of role-play to the AMS, Particularly the S&R Department, I believe this would give more reason for S&R units to fly together and to utilize their diving gear which is provided in their list of equipment, I also believe adding this feature could give reason to S&R Units utilizing boats instead of just helicopter which I feel would add more realism to the server as you do not always see a helicopter responding a call.

Syndicate - The syndicate could benefit from this by having a new vendor or processor added to their new multi processor allowing them to tax any poachers using their services.


- May involve a large amount of work for the Dev team as they would need to add a new gathering area in the ocean, a new store and potentially a new processor.

- Could make the economy more unstable depending on the starting sale price of the new items

- Could require additonal Laws/ punishments to be added.

- Could require new paperworks to be drawn up for AMS/APD

Possible Areas to add new area:

I will include some marked areas of where I believe this new gathering area could be added to the current map

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