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Got to say, i don’t like this idea.. i understand this can be frustrating but i don't think soft patching the whole revive system is the answer.. maybe something to incentivise medics as general but with that not everybody likes the whole role play aspect of it..

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5 hours ago, Scott McTavish said:

Civs cant be trusted with defibs/epi-pens etc


care to explain why?

5 hours ago, Charlie. said:

have to agree with tavo, rebel would just get their mates and revive them mid battle, would just cause too much hassle 

then use your brain and make it so that you can't revive in combat. This could be done many ways.

1. Server rule

2. Make the person be in and out of consciousness for five minutes. If they get shot again during that time they are perm dead.

3. Make it work that if you have fired shots or taken damage over a period of time, you need to wait x amount of time before you can revive someone.

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