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Kibole squad are hosting charity run from Kavala to Sofia for the Altis Children's Hospital !

Meet at the edge of Kavala Green zone at 6PM GMT/7PM CET and we will start soon after.

Length of run is about 2 hours long so make sure you have enough time to come and complete.

You must run with no clothes or gear ! (However you can carry backpacks for medikit)

Music will be played by me during run and requests are open during run

For more information contact me or goppy

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19 minutes ago, CordingMedal said:

okay. So I could leave then rejoin depending on the situation? 

What channel would i have to join to participate in the event?

yes you could

teamspeak isnt vital but if needed we can use a channel, we'll decide there

15 minutes ago, Spacearmy73 said:

I'll be there, anyone wanna sponsor?

excellent 👌

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