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Should I write a long story again? If not, thank you for giveaway!!

If you do want me to write long story about it, here it is: Hello my dear friends and communitymembers. My name is Mr. Vonk and I would first off like to thank Clixy for tagging me and Omligon for these apex giveaways he's hosting monthly :). I love roleplaying and I love to edit stuff whilst being creative, I started skinning arma 3 stuff today, I had loads of fun doing it. Why would I like to win apex? Because it basicly is 50% of the game which I'm not able to play. When it launched, I watched basicly every video featuring all of the new content. Especially hoped for the Caesar BTT and the map. I hope the winner will use the apex and loves the new content as I do. Cheers Omligon ( if I dont win, I'll buy it in sale. Said it last time aswell but there hasnt been a sale since then.)

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I need it more than anybody else because..... cats.. yeah that's why... think of the cats that I have

*lies all lies*

this part is the truth tho I think @Freak Vonk should have win... from what I know and have seen he is an extremely nice guy

Edited by Isaac Wolf
Freak vonk...
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OMG DREAMS COMING TRUE #nosociallife thanks @Omligon!!!!!!

Really appreciated Omligon!!!

Now to the losers:

Lol u suck xdxd

Just kidding :D I know the feeling that's why each person that responded to this giveaway (Sven, Oussama, Saul, GenuineAF, Pj-, Clixy, Adam^, Isaac Wolf, Dean, PaulS) has a game key in their forums message box. Enjoy! (Omligon will receive something in trade)

Edited by Freak Vonk
Game keys are there 4 u
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