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Blackwater Vault Transportation

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Roleplay Background behind the event 

Blackwater And Police Had some misunderstanding between Each Other and then the Police Attacked the Blackwater Side of the border and Broke into the Blackwater Vault, So the Blackwater Had some Financial Issues and Started to find it very difficult to run their operations, So they gathered all what is Left of their finance and robbed the HM Treasury Anonymously and Stole 120 Gold Bars So the Police had no Idea about the operation, and then when The Blackwater was Transporting the Gold they got compromised and then they retrieved to their Checkpoint. Now the Blackwater is getting all Their forces in position and Will Drive to the Gold Trader and sell their Gold there and make their Side of the border grate again. and at the same Time The Police are Gearing up at Athira Police Station to Counter The Blackwater and End their Operation and At the same time some Rebel Organisations are Trying to Steal the Gold from Blackwater too. So may god save altis.


Hello there. So My suggestion is very simple. Its a Transportation That Blackwater Have to complet. The transportation starts from Blackwater Checkpoint To Gold Trader And the Police Will have to Counter them and they Start from Athira Police Station And Civilians will be trying to Steal the Gold From Blackwater At the same time.


Factions that Can Participate.






Rules That apply 

-NLR [ Come Back After 15 Mins And Participate Unless you Get Revived ]

-RDM [ You Need to initiate]


[ And All other rules apply too and they are very clear. ]



My plan that the event Starts on 6/9/2019 at 8PM restart [GMT+1] Time in London, UK






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1 hour ago, Mc Miller said:

so do people have to follow the red line?

Where do rebels take the truck?

these things need to be clarified 

Blackwater has to follow the redline, any other person who isn't told the plan can go wherever he wants


2. The truck is full of gold I suggest you take it to the gold trader


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16 minutes ago, OutSyder said:

I rather see blackwater working together with police then be against them. 

Thats why blackwater is on altis anyway, help police, turn down the crimes

It would go completely against the roleplay story of us being hired to help police as much fun as this sounds.

If this event happened, to keep with RP they would have to 'banish' blackwater.

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