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Medic Suggestions


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Me and Oracle have got together and thought about a list of things to add to the medic to make it more interesting for everyone.

1. to add features so after we revive people instead of them running of and saying thanks we thought that we could do something else like once they wake up we have to left windows again and we have options to fix there legs or arms or chest eg.

2. it would be cool if we could carry different sryinges for different illnesses for example if you take someone to hospital you could ask them whats hurting and if they say there dizzy or feel sick we could give them a blood transfuzion or if there in pain we should be able to buy morphine or other medical items another example is if we could get flu jabs we could say everyone needs to go to there local clinic to get a jab from one of the medics.

3. instead of people deciding if there fit enough to carry on we can say you need to return to the hospital for a further examination to make us medics enjoy playing as medics.

Theres are some ideas that me and Oracle have come up with if these are looked into by the devs we will maybe come up with some more realistic ideas.

Thanks for reading

Big Mac, Oracle


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