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Medic's, please wake up

Freak Vonk

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Hello, my name is Mr. Vonk. I love playing as a medic. I like helping people back up, helping new players, fixing cars and roleplaying. But when I play as a medic, I'm on my on or with 1 (rarely 2) coleagues online. "We" get calls and people requesting us every minute and that's why It's hard for me to rp really good and just hang out in kavala for a few minutes.

I see lots of medics playing as syndicate and for some reason the lower ranked medics are the most active ones (A problem with that is that they have the shittiest cars :D) , when people hit paramedic they somehow stop being active and just hang out in off duty lounges.

Of course this is fine because we're here to have fun and enjoy "eachother." But that means that the medics that are online need to do a lot and can just say: "are you OK" and than they have to go on because people die the whole time. Also for the civs this is annoying, they sometimes have to wait like 15 mins before a medic arrives.

What I'm trying to say:

If you're interested in joining the medics, please apply. And if you get rejected or need help with the application, dont hasitate messaging me on the forums/ on TeamSpeak, I'd love to help out.

And if you are a medic don't hesitate getting on duty when you feel like it :)

I hope I don't make people made or anything with this, just wanted to be cool and express my feelings.

Yours sincirely,

Freak Vonk

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