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Thanks for the replies guys! This is the only real problem of found with the map at the moment, and its just down to having a small playerbase at the moment. We should definitely aim to have the map we have right now just not so soon im my opinion

@mikeo'neill It's still a trek, but i can definitely say that now its not behind the goddamn mountain range it's actually worth the trip! A large amount of time was taken off by it being moved away from the mountains and it definitely seems convoy viable now ^^

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8 hours ago, Fuel said:

I will work on moving the map around tonight try and get things more localised.

The drug dealer may reappear in the church, you can blame @Lewis for it not being there, that is where I told him to put it.

But it looks cool.... Fine :D ill have a rework of a few things tonight and have a chat with fuel and go over them to see if we can make things a bit more appeasing to you guys

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