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Make the police UK Themed


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I have seen this on many communities and oftenly it works well and provides a solid strcuture within the Police. I also feel like Altis Police Department doesn't really work as it should be Altis Police Constabulary with the specific departments inside (Kavala, Athira, Pygros etc)

So for the ranking structure I suggest the following

  1. PCSO
  2. PC
  3. SPC
  4. Detective
  5. SGT
  6. DSGT
  7. Inspector
  8. Superintendent
  9. Chief Superintendent
  10. Deputy Commissioner
  11. Commissioner

7, 8 and 9 manage their department such as Kavala and they have the power to rank up people and sort things out and such

10 and 11 run the entire police and overwatch us all

This is just my opinion and I am not sure if everybody likes having it UK themed however there is many vehicle textures available for free and I would be willing to make some for it.

- Zip

I understand that there is already UK themed vehicles such as SUV's and such however wouldn't it be cool to have that followed on by the UK rank structure and possibly the correct logos for those ranks

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