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So, i am looking to sell my current PC which is: https://www.pcworldbusiness.co.uk/catalogue/item/P231943P

CPU: i7 4790k @4.00GHz

RAM: 16gb DDR4


PSU: 500 W AC

STORAGE: 1x 180gb SSD, 1x 260gb SSD, 1tb HDD

These are some of the basic specs, I by no means am the best at pricing this and have come here to ask how much would you think this prebuilt PC would sell for currently?

I am looking to sell this as I have been offered an amazing deal to put all of these components together in a new PC which i can have:

- AMD Radeon R9 390x Gaming Graphics Card (8 GB GDDR5)



- Intel Core i7 6900 K 3.20 GHz LGA2011 V3



- Intel 750 400GB PCI Express 3.0 - solid state drives



- Micron C400 256GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s NAND Flash


£150 (x2 in raid 0)= £300

- Intel RTS2011LC Thermal Solution (Liquid Cooling)



- Windows 10 pro



- 850w modular Power Supply



- Lian Li Case



Total £2,471

The reason I this is an amazing deal is because my stepdad got these parts listed above for free as he works in the stocks center for HP and got these things as a gift.

I would like to know your guys opinion on this. I need help in pricing the current PC I have so I can sell it and buy a good motherboard and RAM for a new build.

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Parts that are used usually lose between 30-50% of there value when reselling because of the risks involved, but this varies with parts so to be honest your best bet is researching each part you have and the current selling price when the are used, add all of the prices up together then add an extra £30-£50 for the sake of it already being built and you will have a sensible price to sell the PC at.

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i usually just find the cheapest PC that compares to the one im selling, then sell it for 200-300EUR less if its less than 2 years old and just put that the price can be negotiated, iv sold 5 of my old built PC's this way and usually only loose around 150-300EUR from what i put inn originally. id check some of the most popular retailers and see what they offer. its a good comp with everything one needs to run newer games and such so i cant see you having problems selling it a bit cheaper than a new storebought would cost :P put the comparison in the add for people to check it themselves and you should be good.

thats how i do it atleast :P

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