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Altis Airlines Update

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Hello all!

Altis Airlines has had a great day today! More and more people are knowing about our operations. We celebrated our first customer today and after our first customer 4 more people tried the airline out. We made £4000 today! Not much I know, but it is a start.
We have 2 aircraft in our fleet now. They are 2 Orcas. They carry up to 8 people and it's top speed is 300km/h, however the funds are draining. We have £1,250,000 left in the company bank account BUT we do have investors who are investing £7,000,000 altogether and they'll receive benefits for it. 

We also have a logo now! Designed by me. It will get updated in the future. I have created an organisation but it hasn't been approved yet and I need to find out a way to make it a open organisation as I pressed closed by accident.

Also today we had a special offer that was a route from Kavala to the Aircraft Carrier. It cost £1000 (Normal price is £2000) and we had FIVE people including staff attend this. Unfortunately though, it ended with a funny but bad end. The tour guide fell off of the carrier and drowned, then customers fell off. I then attempted a rescue in the Orca but the water got into the engines and drowned the engines......... I think you can tell how that ended. It was funny though and fun while it lasted.

All airline updates will be posted in the organisation forum (If we have one) and if we get accepted as well.

Final thing, unfortunately we're going to have to increase our ticket prices for the Brize Norton to Kavala and back route (Our only route so far) from £1000 to £5000 so we can make some profit. We hope you understand.

Thank you for reading and thank you to the whole community who are making this work

HarryUK CEO Of Altis Airlines

(Logo Shown Below)


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Do you want to advertise here? Have a youtube channel you're looking to promote? even your gang page? Contact Neo on Discord or email us


Must introduce some competion as your rides are overpriced, does not meet safty regulations and lack quality aircraft.

We would advise traveling with Lightning Airlines, bringing you were you want to in an instant. Prices from 100$

Premium tickets come with a variety of music, food and drinks included, in addition to better leg room. Prices from 150$

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20 minutes ago, HarryUK said:

@LightningShow some evidence that my airline doesn't meet safety regulations and that we lack quality aircraft.

How are you going to earn profits from £100?

We have satellite images of scratches on your orca's windsheilds.
You operate 2x old soviet aircraft which are known for not being the safest.

Lightning Airlines operate high quality american aircraft which operate a lot better.
We can transport up to 40 passengers at a time, this will be how we will make our profits (and selling drugs to make up for the low price)

We wish you a safe flight with Lightning Airlines

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Show me where the scratches are, we make sure all of our aircraft are in good condition and are safe to fly.
The Ka-60 Kasatka (Orca) are safe and were produced in 1998. Yes they are Russian made but it is the pilot who is in charge of safety of the aircraft. The manufacture has a high reputation on building safe aircraft for military operations. This aircraft wasn't built for civilian use but we use them as they can transport people and land quickly in an emergency.



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These are the aircraft you should use, or atleast this is what we think in Lightning Airlines

Mass transport:

Fast Transport for VIP:

Our own private airport, very flexible:

Or you could always select the less safe russian option, (Lightning airlines does not guarantee the safety of any passengers using this aircraft)

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