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1 minute ago, Jed said:


Ill give you 10m if you get a sunderland tattoo 

Ignore this goon, 15 mil and i’ll provide protection from the 2 gangs that are left on this server 😹

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On 7/9/2019 at 11:45 PM, HarryUK said:

Hello there! 

I am Harry the CEO of Altis Airlines

The airline started its operations today after a week of planning, although there is no demand for an airline and no exact profit guarantee, we (My friend and I) gave it a go to see if we could maybe make a proper company out of it, however after 3 flights from Brize Norton to Cramwell and back our only aircraft ( A Mohawk £1.5 mil) was stolen from us at Brize Norton airport. Fortunately due to the generosity of a certain member of a community who'd like to stay anonymous gave the company £1.5 mil to afford a brand new Mohawk, we then operated flights from Brize to Kavala and back as we thought we may have more demand for that route, however once we landed in Kavala our Mohawk was stolen once again and this time we have no aircraft in our fleet to run this airline. We are currently saving up for a new aircraft but do no know what we will have yet. Our end goal is to get a Blackfish (Ospray looking thing) and more pilots. At the moment I am the only pilot and will be hiring soon (Once/If we get everything up and running) 

We are currently looking at a smaller aircraft like a Humming bird or an Orca however we need to save the funds to afford them and keep the company afloat. 
We hope that our company will thrive in the coming future.

Thank you for reading, we hope you all support our idea of trying to start a company on Altis

Hi there, i can be once of your pilot if u want, but such real airlines i use to fly private Airplanes such Caesar BTT all around the island!
I can land everywhere our clients will need! my time zone is 20 pm till 00:00 maximum 1:00

I've a couple of friends that i also taught to fly with the plane.

Let me know if you'll be ready to see crazy STUFF and gift THE BEST service to your clients!

PS. i've also a xayian but i'll pull it out just if we gonna have back at least the money that i'll have to pay to pull it out from the garage!

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