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Cops Crushing Vehicles


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"with gr8 power comes gr9 responsibility" Also counts for this. Got my truck crushed for a reason I don't know and had nothing to do with drugs.

The problem is that cops dont really care about this but most trucks are bought by doing runs for like an hour. Cops just press a button and... It's done.

Even though It's all about the roleplay, let's just be honest and say that for most "civillians" over 40% of their time is spent doing runs and It's pretty devistating to have your "work" destroyed after you just bought it. (this may sound like I'm a gameraddict but I think It's kinda true)

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Police Officers have strict rules regarding scrapping vehicles and only SGT+ can authorise it. If we see anyone below SGT scrapping vehicles without permission there will be punishments.
If your vehicle has been involved in the killing of police officers or distributing drugs it will be scrapped the same goes for any MRAP vehicles that are illegal.

If you provide good roleplay to officers during any situation they can be lenient enough not to scrap and only impound.

If anyone has any evidence of an officer scrapping a vehicle when he shouldn't have done please bring it to a PCC and if it goes in your favour you shall be comped for the vehicle.

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