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Land, Sea & Air Race

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Land, Sea & air Race
This Friday - 31th
There will be 1 trucks in Kavala square around 21:00 GMT to pick a Max of 20 people the event.
The event will be around Ghosts Hotel, Pefkas Bay & Kalithea Bay


1st place wins 5mill & Event Winner tag on TeamSpeak
2nd place wins 2,5mill
3rd place 1mill



1) No event trolling (may result in ban)

2) Listen to the admins you get 1 warning you fail to listen you will be removed from the event

3) Don't leave the the race with the Vehicle or you get kicked

4) If you vehicle need a repair stay in the vehicle the admins come to repair your Vehicle (if you step out your vehicle you get delete, your only allowed to step out on the checkpoints)

5) Don't kill Your self you will be revived once downed and teleported to Ghost Hotel to watch the Finish of the event

6) Don't cut the corners or you vehicle will be deleted


Friday 16:00 Release of the race Map with Checkpoints

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