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Decamp script


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Can we have it so it is only valid for certain vehicles? Armoured vehicles & Helicopters maybe, pretty shit getting out of your vehicle and being frozen for a second or two (can't move whilst it lowers your gun)

please consider either this or changing how it works, maybe a timer that prevents you from shooting for a second or two after decamping, this way you can run to cover and not be frozen

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Personally I think it should only apply to civilian vehicles if any, makes a bit more sense within roleplay as the armoured vehicles have bigger doors and more space. Keeping it on civilian vehicles only will prevent the classic driving around in SUV's and sporty's in firefights, decamping right behind someone and killing them, they often wont shoot as they don't know you are involved and makesfights very boring, the MRAP's can be considered a threat when driving round in a gunfight and therefore the opposing side has more of an opportunity to prevent their death from a de-camp. However there is little skill involved in decamping behind a vehicle and I appreciate why the script is in place.

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