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I cannot count the amount of times that me and my gang have wiped TFU in RedZone. Then they just spawn in Pygros, Fully Gear again and come straight back in. I think that it would be pretty good and more balanced if ONLY police have NLR within REDZONE.

I have reasoning towards this. No im not salty that they get free gear but there is no fear factor for cops because if they die, they just respawn and come in again. This is annoying because us CIVS and Blackwater Pay for their gear so if we die we have something to lose. TFU have nothing to lose so they dont really value their life. It also makes it almost impossible to win any situation in redzone if you are fighting TFU because once you kill them, before you can clean the whole squad, the players that died have already come back and put the squad numbers back up. This would be an easy fix and all we would have to do is make it so police would have to abide by NLR within RedZone.


This is purely just a suggestion, don't flame me. +1 react if you agree.

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3 minutes ago, Flix said:

You don’t wipe us though?

One rule for you lot and another rule for us, doesn’t seem fair?

Noone TRULY wipes you because you essentially have an INFINITE amount of squad members.



"Shift+S asap so you can come back".


You guys can spawn infront of the sign where you get your gear, dont have to pay for it and get free vehicles.


We need to spawn, get a vehicle we paid for, fly/drive over 5k to get to an outpost. Risk getting killed. Waste about 300k for a decent loadout then come back. This takes about 20minutes so your NLR would be finished by then anyways.

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What actually reason does Police have for capping zones? They don't have any risk at all of losing gear cause they get it for free, where as Blackwater (Granted its reduced loads) and rebels have to pay for gear. Police literally have no loss factor, they can just spawn back get geared for free and run straight back into the fire, whereas rebels have to re-spawn journey to the ends of the earth, risk life and limb getting geared in case any pesky bois are camping and then have to get back into the fight. How is this fair? 

I get that police would try and stop the rebel activity, but technically capping the zone is a rebel activity in it self? There are members of the police force that are using the excuse of the new rule change to join gangs and take part in rebel activity in gangs, because they missed Gang Wars. That's a separate topic, but that needs clearing up too.

7 minutes ago, Adam. said:

be a better gang, get a gang base, do the same thing we do

the money is a none issue, a full mk1 loadout is 250k which is nothing

Literally started 4 days ago and doing better than gangs that have been going longer. A full MK1 loadout actually costs money, how much does the Police loadout cost my guy? You guys literally practically only pay for the food and the other virtual inventory.

Don't get me wrong this server is the best at what it does, but on other servers they actually charge the police for guns and gear to curve them from just charging into battle like absolute madmen. 

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